AMUNC 2016

at Putrajaya , 11 Jul 2016

On 11 July 2016, five delegates from Unimy, Haniff , Ridwan, Eunice, Boon Kong, and Azrul, took part in Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference(AMUNC), which lasts for 6 days until 16 July 2016 at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur. The conference is a truly enriching, satisfying and challenging experience for all the delegates.

AMUNC is one of the largest model UN conferences in the world, involving international delegates from countries such as Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines and other countries that belongs in the Asia-Pacific Region, along with a few more other countries outside of this region.

A Model United Nations(or MUN) is a simulation of United Nation which participants role-play as delegates in a UN committee to discuss and debate a topic relevant to the role of the said committee. In the end, a resolution will be passed by the members of the committee as a result of the conference.

AMUNC is deemed challenging to some of the delegates from UniMy, as they came from a technical background, with little to no skills in public speaking and debating. However, that does not stop anyone of them to give up on participating the event. It was seen as a great opportunity for them to know more friends from around the world, to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations, along with other skills such as teamwork, researching, and persuasion.

From the speakers panel, fellow delegates are able to learn from current leaders from all fields, some even get the chance to meet our local professional squash player, Nicol Ann David. The talks are educational, and delegates are allowed to interact with the speakers by asking questions to further improve their understandings on certain topics.

A BIG BIG THANK YOU for UniMy to become a Gold Sponsor of the event. The members from the delegation of UniMy would like to express their uppermost gratitude for UniMy to present such an amazing opportunity for students to learn and grow to be better.

Finally, the end of this event will not be the end, but rather the opposite. This event had sparked interests within fellow UniMy delegates towards Model United Nation events. They look forward to participate in more MUN events in the future, be it national or international. Furthermore, after the experience in this event, the delegates have come out with an idea to start a Model United Nations club in campus. This activity will be a great way to train the students into well-rounded individuals, as well as improving their chance of success under this increasingly competitive environment. It is hoped that more students from UniMy will be inspired by this experience in the future.

(by Lee Boon Kong)