First Aider Training

at Putrajaya , 5 Oct 2016

Fire Drill exercise is part of the mandatory requirement stated by the Fire Brigade in accordance with the Fire Service Act 1988. All high-rise buildings must have their own in-house Emergency Response (ER) Team in assisting especially during evacuation period. Fire drill serves as an opportunity for the occupants to demonstrate under simulated fire condition in the case of real fire and emergency. The team will initially act and do the all preliminary action prior to the fire brigade arrival. In lieu with that, since UniMy is the only tenant occupying the Z10 building, we have to set up our own ER Team to handle such situation during emergency. Together with the co-operation of the building owner Putrajaya Holding (PjH), a joined training is carried out which is held at our premise as well as at Jabatan Bomba & Penyelamat Putrajaya (JPBM) on the above mentioned date. Approximately 25 personnels from UniMy, Prestariang Project team and PjH Staff are involved in the training.

1. First Aid Training were carried out on 28th September 2016. Staff are provided with basic information and training pertaining to the first aid and potential life threatening emergencies by giving immediate and temporary care to the victim such as CPR (Breathing difficulties), traumatic injuries, broken bones and dislocations, bleeding, poisoning, burns, electrocution, seizure, etc. The whole briefing was done by the Jabatan Pertahanan Awam (JPAM). Training are specifically addressed to those who are appointed as First Aider.

2. In House ERT and Fire Fighting theory was handled by Jabatan Bomba & Penyelamat Putrajaya (JPBM) lead by Ketua Bomba Balai Tuan Hafiz Yaakob on 4th October 2016. All attendees are provided with full information (i.e. slides, pictures etc.) concerning basic fire elements, portable fighting extinguishers and action taken during emergencies. Question and answer session were the most interesting part whereby Staff are given goodies provided by JPBM for those who gave the right answer.

3. The most challenging part are the Practical Training given by the 3 dedicated JPBM instructors on 5th October 2016. Training began with theory lectures followed by the actual exercise by each trainees. The training started with the way to carry fire hose, roll it and emptied water. It was really tough to those who have never done it before. Next exercise is to learn how to connect hose coupling together, hold it with strong hand and wait for the water force to come out from the nozzle. It was the most energetic experience when the strong water pressure blows out from the nozzle at approximately 6-7 bar. Trainees were also given the chance to fight real fire using dry powder extinguisher. It was an unforgettable experience for those who have never done it before.

Overall training conducted, be it theory or practical were very good exposure and familiarization to the trainees in terms of emergency readiness, forming a response team and assigning responsibilities, team work with command and control to established priority. It is hoped that those who were unable to attend the training will certainly look forward for the next training.

(by UNIMY)