First in Malaysia - UNIMY offers Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional course

at Putrajaya , 13 Mar 2017
Alibaba workshop discussion

Putrajaya, 13 March 2017 - University Malaysia Computer Science & Engineering, UNIMY, a Digital Technology University today became Malaysia’s first university to collaborate with Alibaba Cloud to further industry professionals' and students’ knowledge on cloud computing. The course named Alibaba Cloud 101 was a complimentary session from UNIMY that offers the general public and ICT practitioners an opportunity to catch up with the evolution of cloud computing from a practitioner’s perspective.

When asked why UNIMY chose to work with Alibaba Cloud, Vice Chancellor, Prof Datuk Dr. Khairuddin Ab Hamid said, “Working with Alibaba is a strategic collaboration especially the founder and executive chairman, Jack Ma, has been appointed the country’s digital economy adviser. By collaborating with industry leaders like Alibaba, UNIMY is able to offer its students and working professionals a first hand experience in learning from the best. In UNIMY, we are here to help bridge possibilities to the digital future.”

Following the complimentary 101 class, participants who would like to upgrade their skills may join the 2-day short course for a professional certification on cloud computing from Alibaba Cloud. The two full day training will take place on March 27 until 28 in UNIMY’s premise in Putrajaya.

Come this August, the certification module will be mapped into the university’s syllabus that reflects a 1-semester elective subject for students seeking to carve a niche in cloud computing.

“UNIMY will be the first University in Malaysia to be offering a professional certification of such repute. The decision to offer up-to-date and current elective subjects and professional certification is in line with the university’s aim to produce tech professionals who are industry ready and able to support the country’s digital economy growth,” added Khairuddin.

UNIMY is best known to be the digital technology university that offers a study pathway to three of the key areas in digital technology: Big Data, Cyber Security, and Coding.

For more information on Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional course or other digital technology programs, please call 03-8800 5000 or email [email protected].

(by UNIMY)