Industrial Visit to IBM Client Innovation Centre Malaysia

at IBM Client Innovation Center in Cyberjaya , 23 May 2018

On 28 April 2018, UNIMY Data Science Society (UDSS) organised an industrial visit to IBM Client Innovation Center in Cyberjaya. The Malaysia Client Innovation Centre (CIC) started operations in January 2012 and is one of IBM’s CICs located in over 20 countries. It provides high-value information technology (IT) services to IBM’s clients all around the world.

A group of 45 students and two lecturers from UNIMY had joined the visit with the aim to gain exposure and valuable insights from a global IT industry. Upon arrival, the group was welcomed by Mr Musharraf Ashraf Dabre, Senior BI Solution Architect & CIC CoDE Manager. The group then proceeded for a series of activities and building tour conducted by Mr Musharraf and his colleagues. Several talks were given by IBM CIC software engineers and data scientists.

Throughout the visit, the students had interactive sessions with the speakers and were amazed by the presentations and demonstrations shown to them. Student were introduced to the history of IBM including its origin, CEOs and iconic motto “THINK”, as well as  its wide range of innovations and products. They gained clearer understanding about IBM Watson, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and data science. For example, a data scientist shared about how a predictive analysis can be done on a real-world data. The speakers also shared their personal journey and passion in IT, which inspire all the students.

In sum, the industrial visit was indeed an eye-opener for UNIMY’s students and lecturers as they were given opportunities to experience how IBM CIC operates as one of the world's greatest technology services companies. Students found the visit is meaningful for them as it helps them to relate to their classroom knowledge. The vice president of UDSS, Lim Ko Jim said, "The insight we gain here shall not be wasted, and we should continue to cultivate our interests. More activities will be conducted by our society to encourage students to join data science field."

(by UNIMY)