PHP MySQL Training Workshop

at Putrajaya , 25 Jul 2016

University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering recently offered a 10-Day Training Workshop on “PHP and MySQL based Dynamic Web Development” from 25 July to 5 August 2016. About 25 students undertaking Computer Science and Software Engineering programmes participated in this intensive workshop delivered by Mr. Muhammad Hafiz, Principal Consultant at Innotiive Asia (M) Sdn Bhd.

The training workshop was conducted in consultative approach and infused practical approach to mimic a development team setup. Participants were divided into teams randomly, to illustrate the non-selectiveness of team makeup in a real world scenario. In a team, participants worked together on understanding PHP and MySQL environment setup, and prepared a project along the way, from design up to implementation and presentation.

At the end of the workshop, all the teams were able to develop impressive web applications such as blood donation, e-commerce and course management systems. Three teams were selected and awarded for being the best developed system. Apart teaching the students on how to develop a dynamic web application, Mr. Hafiz also shared his own working experiences, and gave additional knowledge on Linux operating system with the students.

The training workshop was indeed a success, where the students were able to apply and optimise their knowledge on PHP and MYSQL by bringing them into practical use through project. Not only that, team work and project management are also the crucial elements that students were exposed to during the workshop. It gave them an idea of how it looks like to be in a project team sometime in the future when they step into the industry.

(by Ang Yan Jun)