Reports on Book Review Competition IPTS 2015

at Putrajaya , 26 Oct 2015

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) in collaboration with Kumpulan Kerja Perpustakaan IPTS (KKPI) will organize a 2nd Book Review Competition among IPTS, called "Bengkel dan Pertandingan Ulasan Buku US". For the second time, we have maintained our champion status, as the winner of Book Review Competition among IPTS. Our beloved student Nur Aliah Nadzirah binti Jamaludin has won the 1st price with her review on “Memertabatkan Persuratan Melayu (Edisi Khas Sasterawan Negara, Baha Zain)”.

Initially, 30 students from UniMy, UNITAR, MSU, Kirby International College and PTPL Seremban participated in this book review workshop. The workshop emphasis the guidelines and tips on how to produce good book review. The lectures and hands on activities were given by a well-known DBP writer and academician from IIUM, Dr Rossfa Hashim. The workshop was held at Library & resource center, Management & Science University (MSU) on 26 October 2015.

The Book Review Competition started during the workshop as the student received the DBP books for review. All the reviews have been submitted to the DBP committee on 11 November 2015. The evaluations are done in two stages, whereby 1st Panel evaluation is on 16 November 2015 and final evaluation is on 30 November 2015. All the winners are announced on 7 December 2015. The full result for the Book Review Competition 2015 were listed below:

1st Place Nur Aliah Nadzirah binti Jamaludin UniMy
2nd Place Mior Sharifuddin bin Mior Haridi UNITAR
3rd Place Annisa Nasution bt. Ucok Sugiarto MSU
4th Place Ummu Sulaiman bt. Agung Biyadi Kirby International College
5th Place Saraswathy A/P Mariappan PTPL Seremban
Consolation Mohammad Amin Shafiee b. Abdullah UniMy
Consolation Farah Alia Naqibah bt. Nasarudin UniMy
Consolation Husein b. Zolkepli UniMy
Consolation Nur Sahira bt. Rosharudin UniMy
Consolation Azrul b. Hazizan UniMy
Consolation Santhiya A/P Sandran UniMy
Consolation Ummu Kalthom bt. Arrazi UNITAR
Consolation Mohamad Hafifi b. Kamaruddin UNITAR
Consolation Muhammad Rifqi b. Mohammad Razib MSU
Consolation Muhammad Nor Syazwan b. Mohd Nor MSU
Consolation Amirul Kalif Syed Ali bin Sapar MSU
Consolation Nur Naidatul Ikma bt. Zahari MSU
Consolation Yasmin Amini bt. Azizan Kirby International College
Consolation Nurul Azella bt. Mohd Isa Kirby International College
Consolation Nurul Naddia bt Kamaruddin Kirby International College
Consolation Nur Hidayah bt. Illiyaszaidi Kirby International College
Consolation Nur Mayzura bt. Sahuddin PTPL Seremban

(by UNIMY)