at UNIMY, Putrajaya , 7 Feb 2018
UNIMY International Internship Program
UNIMY International Internship Program
UNIMY International Internship Program
UNIMY International Internship Program
UNIMY International Internship Program
There’s a difference between an internship that just fills up your time... and an
internship that actually adds to your potential. Find out how to pick and choose the
right internship that will take you a long way.

One of the best ways to build your resume as a student? Get yourself on an
internship. Not only will it be beneficial for future job opportunities, an internship is an
excellent opportunity for you to test your interests, see what it is really like to work in
the industry you’re interested in, and more importantly, it gives you real hands-on
experience in gaining skills that will come in handy in your future employment.

Almost any internship experience will be beneficial to you, but what you really want is
to make the most out of this experience. So here are some things we think you
should consider when picking an internship and how to excel at it.

OK, you are interested in an IT internship, right? Well, almost every industry has an
IT department but what you need to know is that interning in IT in finance versus a
consulting firm will be very different.

What you should consider is the industry that excites you and where you want to be
when you graduate. Interested in providing cybersecurity services when you
graduate? Perhaps an internship in a consulting firm that offers such services will put
you on the right path. Want to learn more about fintech? Sign up for an internship at
a bank then.

Being completely immersed in an environment that excites you will make your
internship more exciting and rewarding.

There will be exciting work – like being part of a major project that makes an impact
on the company’s business – and then there will be the mundane tasks like
photocopying documents and organising files. Either way, everything you do during
your internship is important to build both industrial skills and soft skills.

Nonetheless, it is important to determine how much hands-on experience you will be
able to gain – after all, you want to learn as much as possible about the industry
you’ll be working in so that you are ready for work when you graduate.

For example, UNIMY offers internships with its industry partners like KPMG,
Prestariang and Fusionex, all big names in IT so that students can get real working
experience to hone their skills and put to use everything they’ve learnt in class.

Maybe you can talk to HR during the interview process to find out more about your
role as an intern. Or speak to former interns – this is possibly the best way to get the
real scoop.

Different companies have different internship structures. One company may have a
few interns working on projects while another may just have one or two intern each
time. Will you be on a rotation basis or will you just be working specifically for one
team during your internship?

While there is no way to say that one structure is better than the other, it makes
sense to find out what your internship will entail to see if it suits what you’re looking
to gain from it. For example, if you are only interested to learn about a certain
function in a department, then it is best to stick to one team so that you can gain as
much as possible during your time as an intern there.

However, any amount of training and education during your internship will be useful
to your future. It is all about making the best of any internship situation to learn as
much as possible, whether it is making photocopy of training notes or attending
project meetings with your senior.

FYI: UNIMY has a unique overseas internship scholarship programme where top
students are given the opportunity to intern in a company abroad! Last year, our
selected students spent three weeks internship at Digital Hollywood University in
Tokyo where they not only learnt from the best but also got a chance to immerse
themselves in Japanese culture. Future overseas internships may include stints in
Europe and USA.

Some companies hire their interns as full-time employees at the end of the
programme – if they perform well and make a great impression. While you’re
interviewing for the internship, it doesn’t hurt to also ask about full-time opportunities.

Getting your foot in is a great first step to increase your chances of landing a full-time
role after graduation. That said, you’ll have to really make an impression on your
seniors. Be proactive in the tasks you’re given and show initiative. Ask questions to
show genuine interest and learn more about the industry.

With its industry collaborations and renowned IT partners worldwide, UNIMY helps
connect students with the digital industry, offering valuable opportunities like
workshops, seminars, work experience and internships. Find out more about these at
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