The BURSA Bull Charge (TBBC)

at Kuala Lumpur , 14 Sep 2017
The Bull Bursa

Along with our parent company Prestariang Sdn Bhd, 40 UNIMY students participated in The Bursa Bull Charge (TBBC) that took place on 14 September 2017. Present during the challenge was also Dr. Abu Hasan, President/Group CEO of Prestariang Sdn Bhd. This is the first time UNIMY sent students as participants of the challenge. Talking about having a foot in the industry!

Held at the Exchange Square of Bursa Malaysia, the unique TBBC challenge presented participants with real-life working challenges in a social setting. It was a great way to expose our students on the industry expectations as well as what’s required of them. Rubbing shoulders with industry folks in the capital market of Malaysia was a fine bonus. 

(by UNIMY)