at UNIMY, Putrajaya , 20 Apr 2018
Overseas Internship _ Melbourne
Overseas Internship _ Melbourne
Overseas Internship _ Melbourne
Overseas Internship _ Melbourne

From making new friends to learning new things – two UNIMY students share their University of Melbourne learning trip experience. 

The land of kangaroos, koalas, beautiful beaches and new IT knowledge – yups, that’s how our fellow coursemates who got the chance to spend three weeks in Melbourne, Australia, summed up their experience.

We spoke to two from among the group: Mohd Nazri Syah from Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) programme and Kenny Ng Kwang Meng from Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) programme. 

Kenny was sponsored by Dr. Abu Hasan Ismail, CEO of Prestariang Berhad, while Nazri is a Mara-sponsored student who also won 5th place in the CIMB hackathon. 

The main agenda of the trip was for students to immerse themselves in a whole new learning experience at University of Melbourne. 

Of course, it wasn’t all just study – Nazri and Kenny both got the chance to visit popular places in Melbourne and its surroundings.

Here’s what they have to say about being part of the programme.

“We were scheduled to have three weeks of industrial training in University of Melbourne. First week was introduction of Computational Fluid Dynamics conducted by Dr. Shuang followed by a workshop that focused on MATLAB with image processing the second and third week. It was like attending a summer school.” – Kenny

“The main agenda for this trip was for us to learn a new area that we’ve never been taught at UNIMY. It’s a great opportunity that not every student can get!” – Nazri

“I promised myself to give 100% on everything during this trip. I wanted to learn new knowledge and at the same time make new friends.” – Nazri

“I wanted to obtain new skills and learn what people at the university were learning and doing. I learnt as much as I could and gathered tons of knowledge.” – Kenny

“We visited many interesting places in the three weeks we were there. Aside from exploring the city, we went to Healesville sanctuary park, Shrine of Remembrance, museums, galleries, parks like Batman Park, and beaches like Brighton and St. Kilda. We even signed up for a tour to the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island.” – Kenny

“The best part for me was our trip to Brighton Beach. I was amazed by the beautiful scenery. We spent almost two hours there having a picnic and taking photos. Also, the night when we experienced the eclipse of the moon! It was freezing that night but we still made our way outside to see the moon, which was stunning indeed. ” – Nazri

“What I learnt from the programme is that there are a lot of other fields of study out there that can be applied in computer science. Plus, these kinds of exposure is really important to students as it can help change the student’s perspective towards their area of study.” – Nazri

“The workshops were extremely helpful. I definitely learnt a lot from them.” –  Kenny

“The whole trip was pretty exhausting but worth it. UNIMY’s overseas internship programmes like this is a great effort and collaboration to provide students with new experiences and new knowledge.” – Nazri

“Everything we did, every place we went – these are all memorable for me. I also learnt so much about working lifestyles in Australia where they seem to really enjoy their life. It gave me a different perspective but at the same time taught me the importance of being competitive as well. In short, it was an awesome experience.” – Kenny

UNIMY offers overseas internship programmes to deserving students, giving them the opportunity to explore new learning methods as well as cultures in a different country. Previous internship programmes have included a three-week study experience in Digital Hollywood University in Tokyo. Want the same experience or better? Find out more here www.unimy.edu.my.

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