Tips on How To Pick The Right Computer Science Course

at UNIMY, Putrajaya , 28 Mar 2018
Tips on how to pick the right Computer Science course
Make the right choice and you’ll have a rewarding career!

Interested in computers and want a career in them? Then a computer science course is the way to go.

Plus, the IT industry is booming right now so you’ve come to the right place if a great career is what you’re after.

But wait – there are some many divisions under computer science from software engineering to data science, so which one do you pick?

We ask Yap Chee Een, UNIMY lecturer, this question and this is his answer:

“It depends on your personal interest on the specific area of computer science. Plus, your academic results, financial aspect and family support play a role too.” He adds that what the market demands should also help you make the right choice.

So what’s in demand now? The following areas, says Yap, who also provides a definition for each one:

1. Cybersecurity. “Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programmes and data from attack, damage or unauthorised access.”

2. Big Data Analytics/Data Science. “Data science is a multidisplinary blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology in order to solve analytically complex problems.”

3. Bio-informatics. “Bio-informatics is the science of developing computer databases and algorithms for the purpose of speeding up and enhancing biological research.

4. AI and Robotics. “In computer science, AI research is defined as the study of intelligent agents, that is any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximise its chance of successfully achieving its goals.”

5. Computer Assisted Education. “Any use of computers to aid or support the education or training of people.”

There is, however, one computer science course every student should enrol as a basics, says Yap. “Programming – it is the basic and core subject for all computer science major.”

With a computer science degree in hand, what can you expect out of your future career? Plenty of opportunities, says UNIMY Acting Dean Ong Huey Fang.

Here’s why: “There is increase of employment in ICT, which is currently one of the highest paid industries in Malaysia for fresh graduates. Plus, you can make life better using digital technoogy. It is everywhere and using IT skills, you are capable of creating something innovative and creative,” says Ong.

Aside from having a degree, what else do you need for a rewarding career in IT? Our two UNIMY reps share their thoughts:

“Passion and interest. Equip yourself with the fundamental skills for IT such as good math and problem-solving skills. Basic coding skill at the early stage will be an added advantage,” says Ong.

“Firstly, analytical skills. Computer science requires you having strong analytical skills that will enable you to understand the issue you’re dealing with and evaluate different solutions in order to find the one that best fits your needs. Creativity is also one of the other key skills you’ll need as a computer science major. This way, you’ll be able to assess why certain solutions might not work and to save time in coming up with the right approach,” says Yap.
(by UNIMY)