UNIMY High Impact English Speaking Workshop

at Putrajaya , 19 Nov 2016

UNIMY High Impact English Speaking Workshop was held in the Dennis Ritchie lecture room in University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering (UniMy), Putrajaya. A total of 22 diploma students attended this workshop given by an invited speaker, Mdm Nurma Abd Manap from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

The aim of the workshop was fully achieved, in which students were exposed to many new terms in the English language such as the phonetic language. The activities provided by the speaker ran successfully. Towards the end of the workshop, students were asked to choose a song and come out with an idea to perform the moral value obtained from the song, either through a skit drama or poetry. The aim of this activity was to expose students to better communication skills and language presentation through the verbal and non-verbal communication topic.

It would be worthwhile to offer as many workshops such as this in the future to students here as they are not well exposed to different English language terms. This was a good eye-opener to the students to discover more about our nation’s second language.

(by UNIMY)