UNIMY Sports Week and UNIMY Merdeka Fit Challenge

at Putrajaya , 27 Aug 2016

This year's theme for UniMy Sports Week, which takes place from 27 August and 3-4 September, was ‘Let's Get It Started’. The objectives of the event was to provide the opportunity to students to showcase their talent in sports field while enjoying games for physical development as well as to foster the relationship between students and Prestariang staff using sport as a platform for community building.

This event was divided into indoor and outdoor games. The games were chess, ping pong, carrom, dart, badminton, basketball, futsal and volleyball. It was rally-type games where each game will be judged from overall points collected and every student represented their own sports team. For indoor and outdoor games result, group Dexter won as a champion in both categories followed by Gryffindor, Power Ranger and Uno.

UniMy Merdeka Fit Challenge was an event in conjunction with Malaysia Day and Merdeka celebration and was held on Saturday, 24 September 2016. The event was a final stretch of UniMy Sports Week where student would run in pairs for 2 km. Then, they would relay with one member on the bike for another 2.5 km and pass the baton to the next 2.5 km cyclist coming back to the first checkpoint and finishing off with 2 km paired run. The UniMy Merdeka Fit Challenge offered more points compared to previous indoor and outdoor games.

Every sports team had given their best effort in this last challenge. The event ended successfully. In the final results, Gryffindor defeated Dexter by 200 points against 175 points and announced as the champion for Vice Chancellor Challenge Trophy. The trophy was sponsored by our Vice Chancellor, Prof Datuk Dr Khairuddin. The prize giving ceremony would be held during the Annual Dinner this coming November. We hope that this event will be a springboard to cultivate sporting spirit in UniMy. Thus, it will indirectly give students the opportunity to be active in sport and stay healthy.

(by UNIMY)