UNIMY X R.Age Code for Change Collaboration: Revamped Website, New Mobile App!

at Petaling Jaya , 8 Sep 2017
This is the couch where the R.AGE team usually conducts their interviews
UNIMY students visit The Star Media Group office
UNIMY Students and R.AGE Team
Imran takes the team through the mobile app

Eight Computer Science and Software Engineering students recently teamed up with R.Age to revamp its website and develop a new mobile application to reach out to more young people and promote news consumption as part of R.Age’s focus on using the digital platform to affect societal change. It was an awesome opportunity for UNIMY students to explore digital tools in delivering solutions for real-world issues.

Students involved in this two-month collaboration included project manager Kenny Ng Kwang Meng, Muhammad Imran Azmi, Mary Chew Jia Yi, Jason Lim Zhen Shen, Brandon Oh Wai Tien, J. Jyendra, Nur Syazana Jaafar and Ang Yan Jun. Not only did the team work closely with the client understanding their requirements, they also worked round the clock coding the website and application – even on public holidays – while juggling their studies. The project is currently 80 per cent completed with a few details that need to be tested and improved.

What was the experience like for our students? In one word: Exciting! Each of them had different roles for the project and for some, it was their first time working on such a scope. Aside from learning new ways to explore coding, being able to work in a team was also a great experience. Says Mary, “I worked with great teammates and we all learnt together while working on this project. We had fun and the most important thing was we all learnt something new.”

Here’s what they had to say of the experience.

A Challenge For Everyone

BRANDON: The most challenging has to be time management because we still had to work on our assignments and projects.

IMRAN: Each and every step of this project is challenging. But we manage to overcome it through research and patience.

KENNY: As project manager, the most challenging part has to be managing people! I had to carefully manage my relationship with each team member professionally and personally.

MARY: There were many new things to learn, which was difficult when trying to figure out the solution. Thankfully, Kenny and my teammates were always there to help me. I remember Kenny saying to me once: “You shouldn’t say I don’t know how to do it; instead you should say I can do this, I will figure it out.”


Jyendra: Definitely spending time with my teammates over the weekend completing the project and having fun at the same time.

Jason: Knowing new people! It’s fun to know how each of us can do different things and work together.

Jun: There was also something new to learn. Regardless of what you’re in charge of, we all learnt something new from everything.


KENNY: We had many sleepless nights but it was worth it. I can see my team members growing in terms of their knowledge and experience. The end result is definitely what we are all proud of.

MARY: My front-end programming has improved and I got to work with real clients.

BRANDON: Definitely being able to apply what we learn to this project.

SYAZ: I’m proud that I can tell everyone that I was involved in the team that helped provide solutions to the R.Age team.


IMRAN: I learnt new methods and ways to solve problems as well as learning things that are only covered much later on in my degree.

BRANDON: It shows how we can use whatever we learnt in the classrooms in real-life situations. It also gave me the exposure of how real-work situations are like so that we are ready when we move out to the working world.

KENNY: It gave me directions on where I should focus and how to solve my school projects easily.

MARY: These real-life projects are important to my education as they are relatable to what I am learning, especially in Software Requirement Engineering and Software Engineering. Being part of the project helps me gain experience and knowledge that I can apply in my final-year project later.


What went down in the project? Kenny (project manager) spills the beans.

“The causes the R.Age team champions impress me so I was excited to contribute my skills and hopefully bring a greater impact. As the project manager, I delegated the tasks to my teammates based on their capabilities. It’s great to know that the team is willing to sacrifice their time during public holidays to get the work done.

We went through a few rounds of hackathons for this collaboration. Basically, we did our coding from night to morning and then morning to night during the weekends. It was tough work but fun yet focused at the same time.

Working together with the R.Age team, we had a few rounds of discussions, planning and conceptualising like sketching on papers, trial and error, and finally producing it.

We are developing a new website and mobile application that will change the way R.Age editors are using it. For the website, we developed a plugin customised to be used as an add-on tool that will improve the user experience and website interface. For the mobile application, it will be a pocket version of the website where users will be able to subscribe and read articles anywhere anytime. We are closed to completion but there are things that need some clean up like the features we developed as well as subscription.” 


Kenny Ng Kwang Meng
Bachelor of Computer Science, Year 3
Project Manager

Muhammad Imran Azmi
Bachelor of Software Engineering, Year 1
Mobile App Developer

Mary Chew Jia Yi
Bachelor of Software Engineering, Year 1

Jason Lim Zhen Shen
Bachelor of Software Engineering, Year 1
Assistant Project Manager/Quality Assurance Officer

Brandon Oh Wai Tien
Bachelor of Software Engineering, Year 1
Backend Developer

J. Jyendra
Bachelor of Computer Science, Year 2
Backend Developer

Nur Syazana Jaafar
Bachelor of Software Engineering, Year 3

Ang Yan Jun
Bachelor of Computer Science, Year 2

(by UNIMY)