at UNIMY, Putrajaya , 6 Mar 2018
Wanted : Graduates with Work Experience

Want to secure employment after graduating? Sign up now for work experience!

Fact: Graduates with work experience are three times more likely to land a job offer than other students.

This is because employers feel more confident about hiring a new graduate with some form of career-related experience over someone with zero experience.

Work experience is no longer just an optional bonus for graduates; it has become an essential part of preparing yourself for the job market – which we all know can be competitive, especially for hot jobs in IT.

One reason why work experience is important is because it allows you to develop the skills and interests that employers are looking for – like being able to apply what you’ve learnt for real-life solutions as well as nurture soft skills like team work and leadership.

Some work experience might even give you the opportunity to work on something really interesting and challenging – which will look great on your resume and put you in the front-runner position for a job.

Plus, if you’re still unsure of what you want to do exactly when you graduate, work experience is the perfect way to suss what’s out there and explore your options.

How do you get work experience? All it takes is initiative on your side. Here are some suggestions:

#1 Internship

Naturally, an internship is a great way to gain work experience as it provides hands-on learning on the job. Make sure you gain the most out of your internship though; regardless of job scope, there’s always something to learn. Take note of your seniors to see how they get the job done and ask as many questions as possible as this is a great chance to learn from the pros.

UNIMY connects its students through collaborative efforts with its industry partners where exciting internship opportunities are made available for real-life work experience. There are even overseas internships available! These partners range from big names in the industry to start-up companies for a unique work environment.

#2 Connect and network

Speaking of pros, UNIMY is all about connecting students with professionals in the working world through events, workshops, campus visits and more. Because of our partnership with big names in the IT industry, students gain access to experts who can share knowledge and experience... and who knows, maybe even a work-experience stint in their company if you make the right impression. 

#3 Make visits worthwhile

Again, with connections to the IT industry, UNIMY regularly organises student visits to partner companies where students get to see for themselves what goes on behind the scene. These can be great opportunities for you to make a connection to find out if a company offers work experience where you might be able to apply for. Even if not, these visits offer a great insight into what your future may be.

#4 Freelance

Sometimes, you need to put yourself out there. Maybe you can consider freelancing. After all, you’ve done the networking part so it’s time to put it to good use. Get in touch with the company you’re interested in and offer your services as a freelancer or a volunteer. This show initiative and employers love that. 


Some of our courses at UNIMY are partners-led courses where you’ll get real experience working on projects that are making an impact business wise. This is a chance of a lifetime to get great work experience.

Or with UNIMY’s industry collaborations and renowned IT partners worldwide, you’ll get direct access to the industry via workshops, seminars, work experience stints and internships. Find out more about these at www.unimy.edu.my

(by UNIMY)