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research centre

Fifth generation cellular mobile communications, or 5G, builds upon the mobile infrastructure established by the current wireless standard, 4G LTE. 5G will support data transfer rates at speeds up to 100 times faster than typical 4G connections, and is poised to reshape the technological world. 5G communications targets a 1000-fold increase in capacity, higher connectivity and strict latency control. This allows for unprecedented mission-critical services based on sensors, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Our research centre brings together diverse academic and industry leaders for the creation of new 5G network infrastructure, applications and systems.

Industrial collaborators, postdoctoral researchers, PhD candidates, Masters candidates, internship/exchange/mobility students are welcome. 

Further details on the research group may be found at: https://smartoptics.wixsite.com/smart5g

Contact Us:
Noor Fadzillah Azman, Coordinator
[email protected]