Diploma in Information Systems (Business Computing)

A multidisciplinary programme that combines the fundamentals of computing and business. It aims to equip students with technical skills in systems analysis and design, information processing and analytics, as well as essential business knowledge in accounting, marketing and management. Graduates of the programme are expected to be skilled IT professionals with software and related skills coupled with a good knowledge of how businesses function, and is capable of creating competitive advantage in business by developing meaningful business solutions with the use of cutting-edge technologies to support tactical, operational and strategic needs of a business.

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Diploma in Information Technology (Cyber Security)

Grooming students for entry-level cybersecurity positions, the programme exposes students to the principles and practices of digital and cybersecurity, equipped with analytical and technical skills necessary in the areas of network security, software security and digital forensics such as installing and configuring critical software, monitoring networks, responding to cyber attacks, assessing threats, and finding and fixing vulnerabilities. Graduates of the programme will become cybersecurity specialists who are capable of helping their organisations to secure computer and network resources as well as critical and sensitive information.

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Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media

The programme expands students’ creative potential through the combination of theory and practical work in many aspects of new media where students will be taught the conceptual development and production of media content, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to provide graphic design and interactive solutions. The programme also helps students to acquire the skills necessary to communicate ideas and stories over different media. Graduates of the programme will be qualified to attain and excel in entry-level positions in the digital media industry.

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Diploma in Internet and Computing Technology

An in-depth curriculum that provides a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, principles and techniques required in the studies of the Internet infrastructure, architecture, standards and network systems. Graduates of the programme will be equipped with up-to-date theoretical and applied knowledge as well as networking skills for installing, designing, building, maintaining and troubleshooting appropriate network solutions via hands-on experience.

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Diploma in Computer Science (Game Development)

The programme produces creative game developers for desktop and mobile platforms who are capable of exploring game ideas through the infinite world of imaginations and develop them from concepts into virtual reality. Students will be exposed to core areas of game development such as art and visual design, game designing and programming, and game production and marketing through hands-on experience, creating work samples to showcase their talents and skills at the end of the programme.

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