Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)

Students will learn the solid core of computer science through a mix of theoretical and practical experience. Graduates of the programme will be equipped with excellent programming skills and are capable of designing, implementing and optimising innovative software applications. As computer science is a rapidly evolving discipline with strong links to many other fields, the programme also provides them with unparalleled flexibility to pursue their interests and the ability to gain in-depth knowledge in the other areas.

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Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)

This programme provides students with the knowledge and skills that go beyond programming to develop complex but reliable, safe and efficient software systems. The core curriculum builds on top of computer science fundamentals covering topics ranging from planning, design, analysis, verification, validation, implementation, deployment to maintenance that are essential to the successful engineering of a wide range of software systems. Graduates of the programme will have strong technical, process, communication and teamwork skills to be immediately productive in the industry.

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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Computer Engineering

This programme offers students the opportunity to prepare for careers in developing new technology people use daily by integrating knowledge from both computer science and electronics engineering. Acquire in-depth understanding of diverse subject areas such as electrical theory, digital circuits, computer architecture and organisation, engineering mathematics, microprocessor-based systems design, embedded systems, programming techniques, data structures, algorithms, operating systems, software engineering, computer networks and parallel computing.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (Management Information Systems) (Honours)

Students are equipped with specialised computing knowledge and skills in business administration. The management information systems major focuses on the concepts and tools necessary for planning, analysing, designing, developing, and maintaining organisational information resources. Graduates of the programme would be able to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams to formulate and provide creative, innovative, and effective digital solution on problems related to business information systems with relevant technology.

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