Student Representative Council (UNIMYSRC)

UNIMY Student Representative Council (UNIMYSRC) is an elected body that represents all UNIMY students while overseeing issues related to student matters that may affect student life at UNIMY, including academic, student welfare and co-curriculum activities. 

SRC Board Member 2018/19



Clubs & Associations

The best way to meet new people, share their interests and make new friends on campus. All kinds of activities and interests are organised to help enrich the student experience in UNIMY by enhancing their leadership skills while giving them a platform to gain knowledge, provide community service opportunities, support student-led initiative and encourage volunteerism.

E-Sport Club

E-Sport Club focuses on all aspects of competitive gaming. Coaching on teamwork, strategy, communication and adaptiveness is provided to compete locally as well as in inter-university tournaments.

Eco Ed-Venture Club

Eco Ed-Venture Club is a platform for those who enjoy outdoor sports and interested to volunteer or work with charities. Club members will be exposed to preparation of paperwork, managing people and organising programmes.

Photography Crew

Photography crew is the platform to polish your photography and videography skills, while capturing unforgettable moments.

Rakan Usrah

This club enables members to discuss and voice any opinions and ideas that would be beneficial to others based on Islamic views. Each member will lead weekly activities that would hone their leadership and communication skills.

Kelab Penyayang UNIMY (KPU)

Kelab Penyayang UNIMY (KPU) is a UNIMY registered club under the consent of Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia to provide a platform for students to be involved in charity projects and community services.

UNIMY Peers Club

The purpose of this club is to introduce an immediate support network for students to help one another in solving their personal or study issues for a balanced lifestyle while in university.

FX Club

FX Club is a platform to help students bond during their Foundation year. Through this club, students will be given the chance to learn how to manage and join exciting and exclusive events organised by the club.