Overseas Internship : UNIMY Overseas Internship Award

The Overseas Internship Award offers students more than just work experience; it also offers exposure to a multicultural environment that will challenge them to adapt personally and professionally. Students will be given the opportunity to travel to Japan, Europe, Australia or the United States of America where they will visit and intern with universities, industry leaders or both.

Overseas Internship
Benefits to Students

Overseas travel and internships are on most students’ wish list before entering the professional world. This opportunity allows students to embrace emerging trends in the global network while challenging them to step outside their comfort zone, making it an added advantage when applying for a job in the future.

Overseas Internship
Overseas Internship Period

Beginning of their internship period, which will be normally the beginning of each Semester. There are three internship batches; August, January and April. The internship period is subject to change without prior notice.

Overseas Internship
Qualification Criteria
  • Students who score above 3.50 CGPA and above
  • Active in university events
  • Strong leadership quality

*Interview will be conducted if necessary